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March News

Well, of course, it wouldn’t be British if I didn’t mention the weather, but late winter is offering up some big swings in temperature. We don’t know if we should be wearing another jumper and long-johns or should we be discarding the winter layers. For the record, my winter layers are still firmly in place.
Of course the changes in temperature don’t just affect our attire. What should we be preparing for sale? What do our customers want to eat? The comfort of slow roasts, stews and braises are all still very much a favourite, along with minces for meatballs, Bolognese and ragout’s.
Our counters are full of Chuck Steak, Beef Shin and Brisket. Lamb Shoulder, on or off the bone, and Lamb Shanks. Pork Neck Ends (Boston Butt) and Pork Belly. The list goes on.

Our recipe of the month is the ‘Marbella Chicken’ that can be found on page 197 in the Meat London book. At Meat N16, Reuben has done all the hard work, and the Chicken Marbella is for sale marinaded and ready to go in the oven, but it’s not a difficult recipe. Well worth a try. I can’t wait to see what Gessica say’s we should be drinking with that.


Chicken Marbella

It’s a classic dish, which I understand comes from New York, and is delicious. It can be served with
almost anything.

Link to recipe

Better weather forecasters than me are suggesting another cold snap around the corner, so there is still time to treat yourself to your winter favourites before our thoughts turn to the Spring, and maybe something lighter. As I write here, now, I have got Lamb Shanks firmly in my sights. However, Sat 4th March see’s our first Weber BBQ course of the season. That one is already full, but there are plenty more to come. Now is the time to be thinking about getting yourself booked in. Full details on our website.



It’s always heart warming to meet the ‘little’ Meat London customers, shopping with mum and Dad. We hear amazing tales of achievements at school, or triumphs on the football pitch. Stories of siblings going to friends birthday parties, or ‘sleepovers’. The enthusiasm is delightful, and it’s nice that we sometimes have the opportunity to embrace that enthusiasm. Gessica tells me that the kids are pestering her for entry forms for the Eater drawing competition. We ask the children to draw or paint the Easter Bunny or Chick. We create a ‘gallery’ of artwork in each shop and, on Good Friday, we invite independent judges to pick winners in various categories. It’s all for fun and every entry gets a chocolate prize. The Meat London Team love this competition, and the passion that it brings. Please keep your eyes open for the entry forms. They will be in the shops in the first couple of weeks of March.
Note to Melek: Can you print the forms, please!!

February, and sometimes the beginning of March, sees the wine producers opening up their warehouses to scrutiny. They all hold major tasting events in order to showcase the wines that they will be proposing for Spring, and early Summer. Of course, it has been a little more tricky during the ‘lockdown’ periods, but this year has given us an opportunity to see some fantastic wines. The Team, ever diligent when it comes to selecting our vast stock of eclectic wines, have been out and about, and I can report here, that a visit to our wine spaces during March will bring some great surprises and some really delicious new ideas for the coming months. We look forward to seeing you all in the shops.