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A Bright Future

As I sit here with my winter jumper still determinedly on, we have to believe that May is going to bring some warmer weather and a little sunshine. Here at Meat London we can’t wait. We have linked up with the team at Firefly Barbeque and we have a new range of rubs and sources that we can’t wait to get tasting.
The sweet and smoky Memphis Red pouring sauce will accompany pretty much anything off of the grill. The jerk Boston Beach rub with succulent chicken, the herby Cuban Mojo with pork belly or bacon steaks, or the Korean Unami with pork steaks are all fabulous and a treat, but I save the sweet and fruity Cherry Cola (amazing!) with 4/5 hour cooked beef short ribs as my top tip of the moment. Craig did it on a recent course, and it produced a serious OMG moment.
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For England and St George 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Am I pushing my luck? I am going to bang the drum for St Georges Day, Tuesday 23 rd April. We always get excited about Burn’s Night and the green sausages always make an appearance for St Patricks Day, so this year, we’re going to have great fun promoting our George, and his dragon. Of course, it is our business ethos to use British products wherever we can. All of our wonderful beef, lamb and pork are from home soil. Our chickens and ducks are also from the finest English farms.

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Easter Feast

It happens sometimes, we get two Easter’s in one financial year, and this March, we get exactly that. The last weekend will be Easter, and we are gradually turning our minds to the holiday weekend. In cosmopolitan Britain, not everyone joins in the religious festival, but who can miss the fun of Hot Cross Buns, delicious lamb with family and friends and, of course, an excuse to gorge on chocolate at every turn. The poor weather at the start of this year, coupled with an early Easter, means that there will be no New Season Lamb, but in truth, I think the lamb is generally fantastic at the moment. Lambs born last Spring will be moving towards the Hogget stage, and are full of flavour, while maintaining a succulent tenderness.
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February news

It’s a bit too soon to turn our attention to ‘Outdoor Eating’, but many of you will be planning spring and summer events for family, friends and corporate shenanigans. There is so much fun to be had in being outside, eating and drinking with the people we love, and even better if someone else takes all the pressure and responsibility of providing the catering. The Meat London Events team, headed by Craig Martin, offer a full service for every type of event. From straight food service from the BBQ, to our Lamb or Hog Roast, we can provide everything you want, including our delicious meats and poultry, cheeses, charcuterie, beers and wines. Alternatively, you can hire the roaster for a 'Do It Yourself' hog roast, which will include the pig, delivery/collection and fuel. All of our offers are bespoke, so it’s all about asking for what you want, and letting Craig come up with the goodies.

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January News - It's 2024! 🎊

I decided this month, that our regular Newsletter could take a rest. We have all eaten so much, and I’m sure there has been the odd glass of wine consumed, so we don’t need too much prompting at the moment. However, continuing in the theme of joy, happiness and good customers, I was reminded of a regular customer who announced, back in the summer, that she had written a poem for me. It was, and is, very touching, and typical of the spirit that we enjoy from so many of the customers. I thought, as we all regroup, I might share it at the start of a New Year.

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December News - It's all about Christmas 🎄

Turkeys, Geese, Cockerels and Ducks are all there. The Beef is aging and the Pork is ordered. The Gammons are due to be delivered. The Team are braced to prepare Sausage Meat and Christmas Stuffing. Young Uma is on her 5th Christmas of Piggies in Blanket duties, and she is just about to celebrate her 18th Birthday (it’s a long story!). Johelle and Munira at NW5, Adam and his Team at N16 and Marisa at N6, are all primed with taut cheese wires to create a fabulous array of the finest selection of British and International cheeses, and our wine rooms are awash with something for everyone. If you can think of anything I have missed off, please let me know.

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November News - Competition Time

As previously broadcast, I was away until the beginning of the month, and France offered a lovely break just at the right time. As many of our regular customers will know, I started my butchery training at Boucherie Lamartine in Paris, a long time ago. So it is only natural that when I do visit France, I like to browse butchery shop windows, to see what’s going on, and maybe pinch an idea or two. For those who have read ‘Meat London - the Book’ (and if you haven’t, you should) I am on record as saying that the improvement in British shops, and the standard of butchery therein, throughout the last twenty years has been fantastic.

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October News - Stokey Pokey

He’s only gone and left us! I suppose even Directors deserve a break, from time to time. Whilst Paul enjoys France and its amazing cuisine, no doubt with a bottle of Chablis or 2, we go full steam ahead towards Autumn at Meat London. As I’m writing this edition of the newsletter, the leaves are already falling and there’s a colder chill to the air in the evenings. Luckily, the sun is still shining, so no need to reach for the thermals, or retire the BBQ for the season, just yet.

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August News

Of course, as is expected at this time of year, there are a lot of people away, and the shops are quieter than usual, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of great products to think about. As above, I did cook myself a steak recently and I was delighted that it cooked so well and tasted so good. We buy most of our beef from our friend Jim Buchan of Highland Meats, in Scotland. Jim is another of those suppliers who I have known for a long time. Our history goes back more than 30 years. So, Highland Meats became the obvious choice when I was looking to improve our offer a number of years back.

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July News

Over the years, our regular customers will know, we have had many 15/16/17 year olds helping out on the weekends, and during the holidays. We have seen our first ever ‘Saturday Girl’, Ella, go on to be a professional singer and a boy from N6 is now in the Police force. We have watched so many youngsters develop into wonderful adults. We even have one young lady who is now a teacher in a Hackney school.

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June Newsletter

Can you believe I made Paddy blush! If you read our last Newsletter, you will know that we highlighted his work and the wonderful pork that he brings us. Anyway, as expected, Paddy enjoyed the recognition and was typically grateful.
The moment reminded me that we work in an industry where, with no malice or intent, the producers and craftsmen or women, who work the land and produce the product, are often overlooked, and the customer facing employees (chefs and retailers) grab the limelight. Farmers across Britain do amazing work and, while I don’t always buy into the picture of the ‘poor farmer getting out of bed before dawn, to work their fingers to the bone until after dark’, I do think that taking a moment to consider the important, hard work that they do every day, and the service that they give the British public, should be given a little respect.

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May News

Well, that was great fun. The Easter painting competition never lets’ us down, or more accurately, the children of North London never let us down. Something like 200 entries adorned the walls, across the shops, and there was enough chocolate given out to spoilmany an appetite. The twelve winners have all collected their prizes, and a huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone who took part.
Sorry mum’s and dad’s for the teas and dinners that likely went uneaten, but it is only once a year.

A quick mention for the judges too. It would be suicide for us to judge our own competitions, so we invite different, local, people every year. We know they enjoy judging, and again, ‘Thank You’ for giving your time

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