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April News


Here at Meat London, our minds have very much been on Easter and, of course, our lambs. It seems impossible that the end of March completes the first quarter of 2023, and, by the time you are reading this Newsletter, the clocks will have jumped forward, signalling the arrival of Spring and all of the beautiful fruits and vegetables that will start to arrive, to accompany the beautiful meat of the season.


Most of our lamb is sourced in the south and south west of Britain. We are very happy with the lamb that we receive from Paddy at Plantation Pigs, supplemented by George at Rare Breed. I have always favoured slightly smaller animals, as I believe them to be a little more tender, and deeper in flavour. It is true, that I would profess that lamb at the end of the season, just before the New Season lambs arrive on the market, is some of the most tasty lamb of the year. I prefer the slightly darker colour and the richer flavours. I rarely chase New Season lamb before Easter as I think that the lamb we eat at Easter is absolutely delicious.
Of course, all across Britain we produce some of the finest lamb in the world. I certainly hope that butchers throughout Britain buy from their local farmers. Local farms are a luxury that we don’t have in Central London. I wouldn’t argue that our antipodean friends also produce world beating lamb, but, generally, I see no point in transporting animals across the world when we have everything we need on our little island. That said, when I travel to Australia or New Zealand, I certainly wouldn’t be searching out British lamb.

At the time you receive this Newsletter, we will be taking orders for Easter. If all goes well at our end, Easter will be next weekend, but the arrival of Spring will make us all feel more like inviting guests and, possibly, getting out into the garden. We will have fabulous lamb throughout April.


Call us to place your Easter order:

MEAT N16 (Stoke Newington) - Tel: 0207 254 0724

MEAT NW5 (Tufnell Park) - Tel: 0207 267 2591

MEAT N6 (Swain's Lane) - Tel: 0208 347 6888


We started our Weber BBQ classes through March. I have to say, the weather wasn’t ready for us. Our hardy guests put up a stoic effort in some very cold conditions. We did our best to keep our guests warm, and, pretty much like our free range animals, we brought them inside to eat during such inclement weather.
There are two new additions to our ‘Events’ plans this year that should be of interest;

Craig is taking our ‘Spit Roast’ machine out on the road. If you fancy a private event in your own home or venue, or for your club or school Spring/Summer Fair, we can either hire out the machine or Craig and the Team can roast a pig or lamb for your event. Our machine will comfortably cook for between 30 to 100 people, so there is plenty of scope.

The enthusiasm and interest that we see in the shops from our young visitors has encouraged us to develop a short, informative course for Children’s parties. Over a two hours period, we will explain where our meat comes from, how we look after it and use it, and we will get the kids preparing their own food before letting them feast from the BBQ. We will deliver the usual Meat London fun, while encouraging the children to understand where their food comes from.

If you would like to host your own Spit Roast gathering, or your family and friends would like a truly different kind of Childrens Party, please call our Events Team on 0207 254 0724