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Our T&C



  • For those using our online shop, there is no restriction on how far in advance you place an order. However, we need orders to be placed by 9am on the day of delivery. This is to enable the Team to prepare your order accurately and in good time. Let us know which day you'd like delivery by commenting in the box at check out.


  • While you are shopping with us, you can ‘Add to Basket’ unlimited products. At any point during the process, you can access and amend your basket. Adding or subtracting product or increasing or decreasing the volume.


  • Please be aware that the weights and sizes on the shopping pages are averages. While our Team do everything possible to cut as closely to the advertised sizes, there may be some tolerance. We have a tolerance of +/- 10%.


  • Only by ‘Submitting’ the order do you enter into an agreement with Meat London Ltd. The total price displayed will be the price you will be asked to pay. There will be no variance to this price* (see point4)


  • Meat London will do everything within its power to fulfil the order. If, due to market forces, any product should be unavailable, or unavailable as described on our list, the Meat London butchers will contact you to discuss an alternative.


  • Amendment: Once payment is made you will not be able to amend your order via the online shop. However, Meat London recognises that circumstances change, and we will be happy to change your order by phone or email. Amendments must be requested by mid-day the day before delivery.

4i) In amending your order, it is likely that the final total payment will change. This will be amended. You will be asked to make extra payment, or a refund will be made, at the time you amend the order.





  • Deliveries will be made by Meat London employees on the agreed date, between 10am and 4pm. We recommend that all fresh food is refrigerated immediately upon delivery.


  • If, for any unforeseen circumstance, it becomes impossible to make a delivery on the agreed date, or within the agreed period, you will be contacted by a Meat London employee to discuss the issue and seek resolution, including the customers right to cancel the order and be refunded in full.


  • It would not be usual for a Meat London employee to leave a delivery if the recipient is not able to receive it. Meat London will do everything possible to arrange delivery at a later date, at no cost to the Company.


  • Meat London Ltd reserve the right to cancel a delivery at short notice having provided the customer with a reasonable explanation



Product and Returns


  • Meat London supply the same product via the online shop as is to be found within the physical shops. Whilst we will do everything possible to ensure that our product is sourced, prepared, packed and delivered to our intended standards, we strongly recommend that customers check all goods upon delivery.


  • In the event that a product is damaged, or the customer is unhappy with the quality supplied, Meat London asks that contact is made, via telephone or email, with the senior Team as soon as possible, and within two hours of delivery. Where possible, clear photographs of the damaged product would be helpful.


  • Meat London will not accept responsibility for a product being inadequate for a specific recipe, or for the product being prepared or poorly cooked by the customer.


  • Under no circumstances will Meat London accept liability for damaged or poor quality product 24 hours after delivery.



Allergens and Dietary needs


  • Meat London Ltd endeavours to ensure that all product is clearly labelled with content and any ingredients as highlighted on the Food Standards Agency list of ‘Allergens’ (see below)


  • While Meat London makes every effort to control the use of, and labelling of, allergens, we must point out that we cannot control the production of out sourced product, or contamination from air-borne sources. Meat London would ask that any customer with concerns for their own welfare, should contact the shops before ordering.


  • At Meat London we recognise that, due to any number of health or religious reasons, customers have specific dietary requirements. If in doubt, we would strongly recommend that any customer unsure of the provenance of the product being ordered, should contact the shops prior to ordering.



104 Stoke Newington Church Street,
London N16 0LA

T: 0207 254 0724


147 Fortess Road,
London NW5 2HR

T: 0207 267 2591


Unit 2, Sonny Heights East, 3 Swain's Ln,
London N6 6QX

T: 0208 347 6888
E: n6@meatlondon.co.uk