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New Year, New Website, New Events ...

Gosh! It is such a long time since I wrote about the going’s on at Meat London.

I should start by welcoming in 2023. It’s getting a bit late for ‘Happy New Year’, and we have passed our first event of the year, Burn’s Night. With St Valentines Day next up, the year is well and truly under way. We hope all of our customers have a good one.

It would be impossible to think about the recent past, or the year ahead, without considering the economic situation that we find ourselves in. At Meat London we have weathered the storms of Covid, we have battled with the Avian (Bird) Flu of recent months and we are doing our very best to work with the continued strains on the British economy. Overall, we are doing Ok. It is as difficult for Meat London as it is for everyone else, but isn’t that the point? We are all facing it together. It is well documented in the media that food costs continue to rise, often at record levels.

However, this is where years of working with the very best farmers and producers comes into its own. We have a strong network of suppliers who are working as hard as we are to control costs and minimise price increases. It would be lovely to buck the trend, and keep prices constant, but we can’t control some of the awful things that are happening across Europe and throughout the world, but we can work to minimise their effects, and we thank our suppliers for working with us.

As you read this post, it is quite possible that you will have noticed that the first excitement of the year is that we have upgraded our website. We recognised that our site was looking a bit tired, and much of the information was a little dated. Through 2022 we introduced our online shopping platform. It has been relatively successful and, we know, helped a good many customers who find it more difficult to visit our shops. We are now going to add more products and Gessica is going to make a small selection of our fabulous wines to be added.

There is a bigger section highlighting our exciting Events programme, including the introduction of our kids parties. If you are considering a private event this year, either looking for a small venue or something in your own home, why not have a look at the Event section here, on the website, and see if Meat London could help. Events Manager Craig is very approachable and is an absolute master on the BBQ.

More information here 

events in the garden


While I’m mentioning Craig, he was very helpful, and credited with the food styling of the recipes in our book, ‘Meat London – the Book’. The writing of the book spanned the Covid period of 2020 and was eventually launched last year. It details my own life in food, how Meat London came to be, the day to day going’s on in a butchers shop and is full of stories, anecdotes and advice on which meat to use, for which dishes. Of course, it is also full of fabulous recipes and beautiful pictures.
We have been very pleased with the finished book. It is available in our shops, and can be ordered through our online shop, with free delivery or postage within Britain. It’s a great read and a lovely gift for the carnivores in your life.

Meat London Book

So, 2023 is off and running, and here at Meat London we are full of confidence for the year ahead. As always, we look forward to the fun elements of our work and we hope to be able to share our fabulous product with our ever supportive customers.

It would be a brave sole who didn’t see bumps in the road ahead, but we prefer to
concentrate on what we do best, and we believe that 2023 can be the beginning of easier times.