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December News - It's all about Christmas 🎄


A bit of a confession to start with; I’m that guy who is always walking around with a notebook on the go. I usually start my day at Meat N16, and I start it by making a cup of coffee and sitting down to list my goals for the day. Sometimes the goals are similar, and possibly mundane. There’s the Rota, holidays, notices to the Team and, of course, keeping up with the suppliers. There is a large pile of what might be described as ‘exercise’ books in my tiny office that date back a long way. Anyone who works in a similar fashion will know that, as the phone starts ringing, the list gets longer. It seems that the quicker I tick off one chore, the next one arrives. Happily, the whole process slows down around lunchtime, and I can get on with other things. It seems like an obvious thing to note, but if I look back in the books, the same things come up every year. As above, there are always in-house issue, there is always a fridge that needs an engineer and there are always customers who have questions, but add to that the seasons, religious and public holidays and our own promotions, and the little exercise books all but write themselves. And so it is, that as I looked back in last years book, guess what came up in December ….. ?

Champions 2023

Before I get onto the topic of the moment, let me congratulate the very delightful and enthusiastic Jack Willoughby and Amelia, who won this year’s Stokey Pokey sausage competition. Their sausage of Pork, Figs, Blue Cheese, Thyme and Balsamic Vinegar, stole the show. A very worthy winner of the Stokey Pokey Cup, and really, a very nice sausage.

We had over thirty entries, from which we created six delicious finalists for our customers to taste and select the winner. Jack and Amelia won with 22% of the vote, in what was one of our best contests ever. Thank you to everyone who entered a recipe, and an equal thank you to all of you who came to vote on the day.

Tis the Season ...

The next note on todays page, is CHRISTMAS! The shops are taking orders from Tuesday to Sunday. There are lists of all of our goodies in each shop and the shelves and fridges are filling up. The list is also available on our website.

Turkeys, Geese, Cockerels and Ducks are all there. The Beef is aging and the Pork is ordered. The Gammons are due to be delivered. The Team are braced to prepare Sausage Meat and Christmas Stuffing. Young Uma is on her 5th Christmas of Piggies in Blanket duties, and she is just about to celebrate her 18th Birthday (it’s a long story!). Johelle and Munira at NW5, Adam and his Team at N16 and Marisa at N6, are all primed with taut cheese wires to create a fabulous array of the finest selection of British and International cheeses, and our wine rooms are awash with something for everyone. If you can think of anything I have missed off, please let me know.

We will be open from Monday 18th December, right the way through to Sunday 24th. If you notice that we have closed an hour earlier during the week before Christmas, we’re not slacking. We just need time to get preparation done for the next day. At the time of me writing, we do still have a few delivery slots left for those who are quick.

Which reminds me; for our regular online orders customers, our last delivery day will be on Friday 15th December, at which point the shopping page will be switched off until the New Year. I hear from Craig that we will deliver on Friday 5th January 2024.

We want our customers to have a fantastic Christmas at the end of a challenging year. We want to be able to provide everything that you want, to the quality we feel our customers deserve. Please ask for anything you would like, and I will do
everything possible to make it happen.

Piping hot news

Meat N6, Swain’s Lane N6, has been serving hot sandwiches from the front of the shop. Who knew that Troy could be so inventive! Pulled Pork, Burgers and Onglet Steak have all featured in Troy’s early endeavours, and, ably assisted by Alex, the customers are enjoying the effort. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the dates for your culinary diary.

Why not make the trip to see what is happening at Meat N6, with the promise of a hot lunch. Seems an easy win really.

So there we are. I am likely to be busy in the coming weeks. I hope to see as many of our customers as possible in the shops, and for those I don’t see, I wish you a fantastic, food filled Christmas. By the way, I nearly forgot, we have the hottest
Christmas gift around this year – ‘Meat 
London-the Book’. Still plenty of time to get it signed and sent.

Happy Christmas – Paul 

Cherry Cola Beef Short Ribs

Liberally cover the Short Ribs with the Cherry Cola rub and leave to marinade overnight.

Using 1/3 of a Chimney Starter (around 8 briquettes), get the BBQ to 140˚. Set the BBQ for indirect cooking, with lit briquettes to one side of the BBQ and add the wood chunks. Smoke penetrates meat when it’s raw. Once a layer of cooked meat forms on the outside, smoking has little effect.
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Lamb Saddle with Caramelised Baby Onions and White Wine Jus

Lamb Saddle

I make no secret of the fact that this is one of my favourite cuts. The saddle is from the middle of the animal and is all soft, tender meat. Rolled properly, it looks so elegant and is a real winner for any dinner party. Adding the soft, sweet baby onions on the side is a bit like putting a silk hanky in your pocket before you leave the house. An unassuming touch of decadence.
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Beef Wellington

With Christmas upon us, I am proposing the always decadent Beef Wellington. ‘Celebrity’ Chefs, and all those weekend glossy mags, will tell you that only a ‘Centre Cut’ Beef Fillet will do the job. That’s all very well if you are running a smart restaurant, and you want every piece to look the same, but the Rump Fillet, Chateaubriand, has all the flavour, is just as tender and will save a few pennies. It’s my cut of choice. As with all good things, your Beef Wellington will need a little investment of money and time, but, as it sets off your festive table, you will decide it is worth the effort. (BTW; this is the Christmas treat destined for my table this year).
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