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Cherry Cola Beef Short Ribs


Ingredients - serves 4
8x Beef Short Ribs x 8-10cm long
250 cl Beef / Veal Stock OR Cherry Coca Cola
Firefly Cherry Cola BBQ Rub
Firefly Cherry Competition BBQ Sauce

For the BBQ
1x 1/3 Chimney Starter of Briquettes
4x Hickory Wood Chunks for Smoking

Liberally cover the Short Ribs with the Cherry Cola rub and leave to marinade overnight.

Using 1/3 of a Chimney Starter (around 8 briquettes), get the BBQ to 140˚. Set the BBQ for indirect cooking, with lit briquettes to one side of the BBQ and add the wood chunks. Smoke penetrates meat when it’s raw. Once a layer of cooked meat forms on the outside, smoking has little effect.

Place the Beef Short Ribs, bone side down, onto the cooking grate opposite the direct heat. Close the lid of the BBQ and leave to smoke for 1.5 hours. If the temperature of the BBQ increases, you may need to adjust your air vents. 

Towards the end of the 1.5hr smoke, light another chimney starter of 1/3 briquettes.

Brush the Short Ribs with the Cherry Competition BBQ Sauce and allow to cook, lid down, for another 15 minutes. Add the stock to a pot with a tight fitting lid. A Dutch Oven is ideal. Add the Short Ribs and cover the pot. Pour out the additional lit briquettes to increase the BBQ temperature to 160˚.

Return the Dutch Oven to the indirect side of the BBQ. Close the lid and leave to cook for 3.5 hours.

When the bone is moving freely away from the meat, the Short Ribs are cooked. Transfer to a serving dish and brush liberally with the Cherry BBQ Sauce before serving.

(Top Tip: put your own portion to one side. Everybody is going to want more)