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A Bright Future

It appears that the exam season is upon us. Our younger team members are looking a little more serious, possibly anxious, and booking time out for revision and any other exam preparations. For those around 15 and 16 years of age, taking on GCSE’s, it will probably be the most important exams so far in their young lives. Of course, for those taking on the higher ‘A’ levels, there will be university and further education places at stake. It’s a daunting time. And while cheering on the kids, and offering as much support as possible, let’s not forget the teachers who work long hours, and so hard, to get their young charges ‘match fit’. Education is very much a team game. I was lucky enough to attend a very good Grammer school in London, and I had a very good education, but, alas, a string of exam passes and the opportunity of Oxford or Cambridge, eluded me. My own route to a wonderful career
has been via the apprenticeship system, and I couldn’t have had a better working life. I have loved every minute of it. It’s very rare to come across people in the food industry who entered via the further education route, but there are certainly some very smart people around. I would never question the importance of good exam results, but not getting perfect marks does not equate to life and death.

Good luck Faith, Alicia, Uma and Ewan. Your friends and colleagues at Meat London
are right behind you.

Discover our exciting new BBQ sauces and rubs! 

As I sit here with my winter jumper still determinedly on, we have to believe that May is going to bring some warmer weather and a little sunshine. Here at Meat London we can’t wait. We have linked up with the team at Firefly Barbeque and we have a new range of rubs and sources that we can’t wait to get tasting.
The sweet and smoky Memphis Red pouring sauce will accompany pretty much anything off of the grill. The jerk Boston Beach rub with succulent chicken, the herby Cuban Mojo with pork belly or bacon steaks, or the Korean Unami with pork steaks are all fabulous and a treat, but I save the sweet and fruity Cherry Cola (amazing!) with 4/5 hour cooked beef short ribs as my top tip of the moment. Craig did it on a recent course, and it produced a serious OMG moment. Discover a delicious recipe here. The 200g tubs are a great investment, and they go a long way.

There’s plenty more, but you will need to come and talk to the butchers. I asked what I could suggest here, and I’ve started a debate that’s getting a little heated!


A little aside, if you’ll excuse me; as I’ve mentioned here before, we are getting more and more requests for our Hog Roast, and our BBQ services. We do however, often get asked if we know of any venues, or spaces, that could accommodate family or corporate events. If anyone knows of spaces that could be used to generate a little extra income for the owner, then please contact us on events@meatlondon.co.uk. Typically, I would be thinking of school or club grounds, and the only real criteria is that the space would need good access.

Meat N6

Meat N6 Finally, this month, a quick ‘heads up’ about Swain’s Lane, N6. It’s a really interesting little hub. We opened our Meat N6 shop there just over two years ago. Troy Dickerson opened Meat N16 for us something like thirteen years ago, he also spent time at Meat NW5 and he is now leading a small team at Swain’s Lane. It’s a small space, but it has all of the usual Meat London charm. The team there are capable, knowledgeable and loads of fun. All of the quality meats and poultry are from our regular farms and suppliers, plus a good, abundant cheese display and the full support of wines and beers. Meat N6 sits happily in the pretty little area that is Swain’s Lane. Fam Grocery is next door with always beautiful fruit and veg displays. Superette, The London Shell Company Fishmonger, The Real Flower Company and Gales Bakery help create a great shopping space. There are cafes and restaurants, and add in the newly opened Duke of St Albans pub, and there is every reason in the world to make a visit. If you are in the area, come and join Lydia for the regular weekend wine tasting, and if you tell Troy and the team that you read about them here, they will gift you four of their delicious Sausage of the Week. Here’s to a great May