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Rose Farm Chutneys and Pickles


Made in Somerset, by hand, for obver 20 years. Rose Farm Chutneys and Pickles are the perfect accompaniment to your favourite cheeses.


Harvest Chutney - Made with apples, 200g

Chutney for Cold Cuts - A fruity chutney, 200g

Chutney for Cheese - A spiced apple chutney, 200g

Chutney for Anything - Made with sweet apples and tomatoes, 200g

Hot Tomato Chutney  - 200g

Pickles and Relish

Cheddar Pickle - A chunky vegetable pickle, 300g

Red Onion Marmalade - A sweet rich, red onion marmalade, 310g

Caramalised Onions - Adds richness to gravies and stews, 330g