We are all very excited at the launch of our new website, and for those of you, who read my last Newsletter, mum is right and something good has come while we have waited.

It’s taken a while but our friends at ‘Slate Web & Graphics’ have delivered the smart, clean site that they promised when they won the bidding process back in February. The new site is easy to navigate and full of useful information about our two shops, Meat N16 and Meat NW5. There is information about the meat that we sell and where it comes from, there is a section dedicated to our growing deli list and, of course, we haven’t forgotten the wine, and matching it to the meat.

…… but how much fun can one have with meat? You can discover the answer on the new Course and Events section of the website. It describes the courses and events that we cover, it gives a breakdown of prices and the new calendar gives up to date information on when courses are taking place and the availability of places. Now also, for the first time, you can book courses and pay on-line. Please do remember that, if like me, automated booking and payment is not your thing, then just call us, and the Meat Team will be ready to help.

Even I have been remembered. If you are reading this on the ‘Blog’ page you will already know that I have been afforded a facility to bring up to date news, stories and gossip and to share my opinions and thoughts. Keep up to speed with life at Meat London, and if you want to email or speak to us just click on the ‘Contact’ in the top right hand corner and all of the information you need is there.

If you have been on one of our courses, you will have been promised access to the short film that accompanies them. This too is on the website. You will find it at the bottom of the page and is titled ‘Video’.

As with everything we do, we are very happy to listen to constructive feedback. I really believe that there is plenty of information, news and pictures and all involved have worked hard to ensure that you can enjoy the website.