If any of our customers pass through Angel Tube Station on a regular basis you may well have noticed the whiteboard that always has a ‘Thought for the Day’. I have no idea who updates it or where the thoughts come from but they do raise a smile and, as I look around, it’s surprising how many people, like me, look out for the ‘Thought’ every day. One day last week the thought read “If you think nothing is impossible, try slamming a revolving door”. I know it’s silly, but it is funny. Then, yesterday, one caught my eye that was a bit closer to home; “If local councils have enough tar to keep building speed humps, why haven’t they got enough tar to fix the holes in the roads?”

Regular customers to Meat N16 will probably know that we have an ongoing problem with a broken road right outside our door. Every time it rains water gathers in a dip caused by what we understand to be a collapsed, unused drain. The puddle that gathers is then dispersed all over anybody walking passed the shop every time a vehicle goes through it. Babies in buggies are especially vulnerable. The problem is now well into its second year, and the council has sent a team of workers to ‘fix’ it on a number of occasions. Last year I communicated the problem to Councillor Louisa Thompson who, to be fair, did send another team of workers to ‘fix’ it. However, a year on, and with the wet season coming fast, the dip is back and the splashing has started again. Councillor Louisa and her team have painted a nice white mark around the broken bit so at least we know where the water will gather.

So, for our customers, I am dealing with it. I will do my very best to have some of the available tar transported over the ever growing speed humps and into the hole that is terrorising poor pedestrians. In the meantime, a huge ‘Thank You’ to the station staff at The Angel who bring a little cheer to our lives each day.


With this week’s blog, and bonfire night approaching fast, I thought that I might just ‘big up’ the humble banger.

Sausages are absolutely the stalwart of any butchers shop, but they tend to get taken for granted. At Meat London we run regular classes in the art of sausage making (details on our website). They are a lot of fun and they suit all ages. We have done Hen parties, Stag parties, corporate events and we even did a birthday party for a seven year old boy and an eight year old girl. Everyone who comes to the classes will take away a story of their own endeavour and we guarantee much laughter and ribbing from friends.

Sausages can be traced back for thousands of years, from the Romans until present day. Of course the styles have changed but the basic principle of stuffing a skin with meat has remained the same throughout history. I wouldn’t argue that at some point in the not too distant passed the contents of your average sausage may well have skipped any form of quality control, but this is not true of today’s sumptuous little bags of fun. The new wave of butchers shops gracing the High Streets are showing a greater degree of care and passion, and the quality of meat going into your breakfast sausage will be equal to that which you see in the counters. At Meat London we have Free Range Pork from East Sussex. The pigs from our friends at ‘Plantation Pigs’ spend their lives running around on the South Downs, which is not a bad life for a pig. Likewise, the Lambs from Dorset and Essex and the Beef from Speyside. They get to spend their time outdoors, eating naturally and producing delicious meat for our tables. Add to this, delicious herbs, spices, wines and seasonings, all stuffed into natural casings, and all of a sudden we have one of the truly great British favourites. Sausages generate so many questions from our customers such as; “What’s the best way to cook them?” “How many can I eat?” or “Should I prick them before cooking?”

At Meat London we are very lucky that we have a number of very good exponents of the art of sausage making. When Meat NW5 opened in March 2014, Ryan decided that his counter would have a ‘Sausage of the Week’. It still does, but Troy at Meat N16 wasn’t going to be outdone and he too introduced a ‘Sausage of the Week’. So now, every week, our Australian butchers, ably supported by their teams, lock horns to see who can come up with the tastiest recipe. For us it’s a lot of fun but the winner of this contest is definitely the customer.

So next time you feel like Sausage and Mash, or Toad in the Hole, or a Sausage Sandwich dripping with Ketchup, just give an extra thought to how lucky we are that the art of sausage making continues today and is flourishing in the Butchers shops around Britain.

*If you want the challenge of creating your own sausage recipe, October sees our annual Stokey Pokey competition, where we challenge our customers to come up with their own ideas with the lure of winning the Stokey Pokey Cup. See in our shops for details.