A huge Happy New Year to all of our friends and customers at Meat London. We wish you all a bright and prosperous 2016.


As expected, Christmas at Meat London was a very busy period. The enthusiasm from our customers to eat well and plenty never diminishes. As the queues gathered on the morning of the 24th to collect pre orders and add the last few touches to the festive table, our Team had been working throughout the night to ensure that everything was ready, and that there would be plenty to go round. Of course, the great British weather let us down and the heavens opened on those who waited patiently to collect. Just to add to our woes, the wind got up and we couldn’t even open our awnings to cover the queues. Again, as always, the stoic British spirit came to the fore and the atmosphere was bright and cheerful despite the wind, the wet and the wait. ‘Thank You’ to all those who queued, joined in the jolly banter and showed great understanding as we did our best to not keep you all waiting too long. The Meat London Teams, at both shops, are always hugely grateful and appreciative of the support that we get at this time of year.


The calendar and lack of stock dictated that we would get a four day break this Christmas. It’s unusual in the food industry to have such a break but, with Christmas falling on the weekend, we just couldn’t guarantee being able to offer our usual quality of fresh food, so we took our advantage happily on this occasion. Opening again on the 29th left us plenty of time to gather in fresh meat, poultry and cheese and get ourselves ready for a New Years Eve rush, and again, we were not disappointed. We know from customer feedback that everybody had what they wanted and we have had many very pleasant comments from you, our customers.


Thanks to everyone who visited Meat NW5 and Meat N16 through 2015. We hope that we have given you top quality meat and poultry. We hope that you have discovered something new in our ever growing cheese and wine selections and we hope that we have maintained the service that it is or company aim to offer. As London creeps back to work, we are here and ready to do it all over again



I have been unsure whether or not to bring the subject up in my first Blog of 2016, but sometimes, bad news should be told; The charity collection box was stolen from the till point at Meat NW5 during the Christmas period. We are a small business but we like to do our best to support the local community and charities as best we can. It is my own decision that the collecting boxes in our shops are dedicated to British charities. Our very own James Gould did a bike ride to set off a campaign for the British Heart Foundation. James has raised a considerable sum for the cause and the box was due to be sent back to the BHF during January 2016. Typically, the tubes that we see on shop counters and bars all over the place would contain around £150 when full. The theft of these boxes is a despicable crime but, unfortunately, is not uncommon and is always very disappointing. I hope whoever stole the collecting box did it with good reason, and never needs the support of the British Heart Foundation.



The New Year brings new challenges. At Meat London we have made some very exciting resolutions. We want to find new products for our customers to enjoy. We want to continue to improve our shops in the hope that we can improve the service we offer to our customers. Of course, it’s very important that our Team enjoy their work and we are forever looking for new incentives for them, and we are also working on new promotional ideas to challenge our customers. If any of you, our customers, have any fun and innovative ideas, we would be delighted to hear them.


………. watch this space for more exciting goings on at Meat London during 2016!!


Happy New Year…….. Paul