‘Tis the Season… for Goats Cheese!
Spring lamb, summer strawberries, squashes in the winter; most produce has a season in which they are at their best and cheese is no exception.

As we tiptoe our way into summer, here at Meat London we thought we would shine a spotlight on a cheese that is at is prime in these (supposedly) warmer months. Goats cheese!

There is an endless variety of cheese made from goats’ milk, with over 1000 different types made in France alone, but it is the younger, softer cheeses that come alive in the summer.

When cheese is aged for a shorter time, the flavours are much more influenced by the quality and flavours of the milk itself. Goats cheeses are known for their grassy, aromatic flavours, so of course, it stands to reason that these notes will be at their most potent when the goats are grazing on the greener summer pastures.
Goats cheese is a real favourite among both staff and customers here at Meat and we have a selection that encompasses many different countries of origin, textures and flavours. From the firm and mild Spanish Payoyo and the zesty ash coated English Clara, to the classic and creamy French Chevre d’Argental there is something to suit everyone’s taste.

It’s not just Goats cheese that is proving popular, all goat dairy products are seeing an increase in interest in European countries. One of the main benefits of switching your dairy habits to a more goaty variety is that goat’s milk and cheeses are much gentler on the digestive system, even people who are lactose intolerant are often able to eat goat’s cheese and drink goat’s milk without a problem.

Without delving too deeply into molecular biology, there is a very interesting reason why goat dairy products are easier to digest, and it has to do with fat globule size. Goats milk has much smaller fat globules than cow’s, and these smaller globules provide a larger surface area, allowing digestion to take place quicker and easier. It takes just 20 minutes to digest goats milk compared to the 2-4 hours for cows.

So, if you’ve ever been curious about Goat’s cheese, or if you are already a firm fan, there is no better time to enjoy this product than now. I highly recommend spreading some chevre on a charcoal cracker, and pairing it with a crisp white wine on a summers evening!